We are delighted to announce due to support of our Conscious Shoppers, Essential Mall has provided 296,222 days of clean drinkable essentialwater and UNICEF is delivering to the areas where the need is greatest.


Many thanks to our Conscious Shoppers and UNICEF for helping end water poverty.

When you shop at essentialmall, 100% of the net profits from your order convert to clean drinkable essential water for children, where the need is greatest.

Be a Conscious Shopper. Make an impact.

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Essential Mall's Vision and Mission


Dear Conscious Shopper, I would like to take this opportunity to explain Essential Mall’s plans on bridging the gap between our vision: helping end extreme poverty, and our mission which is how we plan to fulfill the vision.


Below 5 major elements that is embedded in our mission:

1- Breaking down the problem into smaller problems and solving one by one. 

2- Creating opportunity for you to get involved

3- Making decisions that are based on achieving exceptional social impact

4- Funding established and high-achieving non-profit organisations that conduct the ground work

5- Monitoring, measuring and improving results


Our first mission is to concentrate on providing clean essential water where the need is greatest. This will be achieved by funding UNICEF’s water purification tablets program and measuring its effect. We display the social impact created by each placed order on Essential Mall. 


We publish daily notifications and reports on Social Impact created. We have requested UNICEF to provide the project details and this can be possible in 2016.  


Best wishes,


Rez Haremi


Founder & CEO 

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